Your Wedding Shower

The bridal shower is a traditional celebration which allows friends and family to show their affection and "shower" the bride with gifts. The shower occurs from two months to two weeks before the wedding, and can be anything from an informal luncheon at the office to a buffet dinner in an elegant restaurant.

Anyone who wants to "do something" for the bride may give her a shower, even a group of two or three friends can act as co-hostesses. One rule is that immediate family members (mothers, sisters, mothers-in-law) should not give showers because it appears that the family is soliciting gifts.

The hostess can set the limit on the number of guests since she will be paying the bill. No one should be invited to the shower who has not been invited to the wedding, or who does not know the couple.

One of the bride's responsibilities, as far as her shower goes, is to provide the hostess with a guest list and to make sure that she hasn't created a financial burden on someone by inviting her to more than one or two showers. She should also send a written note of thanks to her guests for any presents received, as well as to the hostess(es) for their hospitality.

Shower themes can be fun and useful. Unique shower ideas are:

A "round the clock" shower, where guests are assigned an hour of day on their invitations and bring the appropriate gifts (for exarnple, at 7:00 A.M. a guest might bring a toaster).

A home repair shower for the bride and groom.

A lingerie shower.

A recipe shower, where each guest receives a recipe card and fills in a favorite dish.

A "wishing well" shower, where, in addition to the gift, the guest brings a tiny present (a wooden spoon, a kitchen sponge etc.). The hostess makes a cardboard replica of a well, and the gifts, wrapped and tied with ribbons, are tossed in. There are no cards attached, though sometimes the guests write a poem, and attach it to their gifts. The bride pulls out the gifts with the ribbons and reads the poems aloud.