Your Honeymoon

Traditionally, the entire honeymoon is the groom's financial responsibility. Once the initial decisions have been made by the two of you together, he should accept the responsibility of making all the arrangements.

Many times couples find it easier not to embark on their honeymoon immediately after the reception, but to wait until the following week, and spend the wedding night or weekend at a nearby hotel, resort or bed and breakfast inn. This allows you to put off packing and other last minute pressures until after the wedding. And allows for flexibility in dealing with airline and other schedules.

Even for a local over night, a professional travel agency is your best ally. They should know all the rates and special packages available and there is no charge to you for their service. You should begin making your honeymoon plans as soon as you set your wedding date. If you need passports or visas, check into that immediately.

If you are considering a cruise or tour, ask lots of questions and make sure you will be comfortable with the age group you will be with. Even resorts are sometimes geared to different age groups.

Regardless of your budget, with careful planning and good advice you can have a luxurious honeymoon.