Wedding Coordinator

Planning a wedding has always been a time consuming and often hectic experience. Until recent years, the bride-to-be has relied upon her mother or close relative to plan and make the necessary arrangements.

Today however, finds many mothers employed outside the home. These circumstances limit their time and availability for attending to the seemingly endless list of details surrounding a wedding. Enter the modem day version of a bridal consultant re-named Wedding Co-ordinator. A Wedding Coordinator can provide invaluable assistance to the bride-to-be and her family.

Do not be afraid to ask about cost. You will find the service surprisingly inexpensive for the peace of mind it brings. Today's wedding coordinator offers several payment methods, easily affordable by today's bride. Some charge a percentage of the total wedding costs, others receive their compensation from suppliers or charge an hourly fee. The latter method is the most popular as it allows the bride-to-be to budget as many hours as she feels she can afford. Additional hours may be added later as needed.

A wedding coordinator can provide many of the following services.
Selection of Wedding Attire
Recommendation of Photographer, Florist, Baker
Advice on Etiquette
Selection of Invitations
Selection of Wedding Music
Shopping for Attendants Gifts
Arrangement of Rehearsal Dinner
(especially if the Groom's parents live out of town)
Confirmation of Caterer and Reception Site
Arrangement for Rentals - Tents, Runners, Etc.
Hotel Reservations for out-of-town Guests
Last Minute Confirmations During Final Days
Personal Overseeing of Rehearsal and Wedding Day Events

Obviously not every bride-to-be wants or needs all of these available services, but it is comforting to know that there is someone available who can assist with and coordinate the necessary details. As you begin your planning, remember help is available from professionals whose expertise can save you time, energy and iuustration. Your day of days will then be filled with the radiant happiness that is yours to enjoy forever.