In the opinion of many there is no better way to preserve the elegance and emotions of a formal wedding than on videotape. From the solemn vows of the nuptial ceremony to the happiness of the reception celebration, all the sights and sounds are captured forever. For years, and yes, even generations to come, the magical moments of this truly festive event are there for you and your family to enjoy and treasure.

Nothing can ever replace the expressions of joy and tears of happiness that are an integral part of every wedding. A professional videographer can record and preserve these moments for you.

Awise consumer will shop for a videographer. Professional videographers will have demo tapes as a sample of their work and will offer planning sessions. Review the demo tape and discuss style of taping and any personal points you wish to cover. Start looking and reserve your date as soon as possible.

Have a clear understanding of the fee structure. Prices will usually depend on the number and quality of cameras, editing time, number of locations, and special production needs. Some videographers will charge per camera, per hour, while others may offer all inclusive packages.

Some will tape as much as possible and selectively edit the footage into a polished product, others will tape in such a manner that very little editing is needed. Most professionals also offer graphics (titling).

In the planning session talk about all the events you wish to be taped. You may want to help design your own package and include footage of the rehearsal, the bridal shower, interviews with parents, the bride and groom in final preparation, or any other special event that appeals to you . . . all the sights and sounds captured for your special memories.