The "Grown Up" Bride

In the world of wedding styles, the "grown-up" bride is a cultural phenomenon that reflects the changes in our society and our views of tradition. Women that have chosen to pursue an education, career or just being single as a priority before choosing to be married are one type of grown-up bride; another is the woman who is remarrying - no matter what her age. The reasons, however, that place her in this grown-up bride category - postponing marriage or remarrying again - do not mean that she is forgoing a romantic, elegant wedding and reception party or a beautiful dress and accessories. It just means there is a distinction in how she will go about it!

The grown-up bride's needs are unique. Unlike the more classic bride (let's call her the "mother daughter bride") whose wedding reflects much of her family's tastes and wishes, the grown-up bride has created her own life style and has established certain taste, comfort and decorating guidelines that mirror her level of sophistication and will be used in planning her wedding. She's encouraged by savvy wedding consultants to "throw out all the rules," and make up her own to fulfill her desire for a "dream-come-true wedding."

The more sophisticated bride wants a unique dress - not necessarily "bridal," yet romantic and beautiful and, yes, even sexy! With many women a priority is to be able to wear it again, so why not get something she really loves even if it cost a bit more! "A beautiful dress does not a bride make," however veils, headpieces, and bouquets are the bridal accouterments that create that romantic imagery. She even chooses how "bridal" she wishes to be with the accessories she selects.

Grown-up brides usually have fewer attendants and they, too, are generally older and willing to spend more money for a dress - they don't even have to match! This is an area of wedding planning that one can be creative and adventuresome!

Most grown-up couples pay for their own weddings and their preference is to have a fun, elegant celebration for their friends and families. Their focus tends to be on the vows instead of ceremony; on celebration instead of status; on romance instead of rules. For this couple there is a great deal of freedom in choosing where their wedding will be, how it will look and what they want their vows to say. Selecting what is appropriate for them from traditions and combining these choices with their contemporary values and ideas, the grown-up couple creates their own unique and romantic wedding celebration!