Special Guests

Take a few minutes to think about those special people in your life who will travel from far away to be with you on your wedding day. You will want to make their stay an enjoyable as well as a memorable experience.

Most out-of-town guests would prefer not to impose on those involved in the hectic wedding schedule. Make this easy for them by negotiating a group rate with a local hotel. Most hotels give discounts for groups of seven or more guest rooms. First, let the hotel know approximately how many rooms your guests will need. Then, have a relative or a member of the wedding party coordinate the individual reservations. Many brides choose to send a letter to their out-of-town guests with the hotel's special room rate and reservation number so that each guest can arrange their own reservations. Please be sure to inform your guests that they need to contact the hotel at least two weeks prior to the wedding. By doing so, any rooms that are not booked can be released and you will not be held accountable for them.

Remember, hotel accommodations are a special service you can provide your out-of-town guests. While allowing your guests the privacy of their own room, hotels also enable your out-of-town guests to spend time together and to easily coordinate transportation to your wedding and parties.

In addition, the hotel concierge can arrange tours, shopping visits, or most anything else your guests would enjoy. This service lets your guests continue to enjoy their stay while you are off on your honeymoon.