Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers . . . A Beautiful Alternative

If you haven't seen what professionals are now doing with silk flowers, don't rule them out for your wedding. Within the last few years, the silk flower industry has made tremendous advances, and the practice of using silk for weddings is becoming more and more popular with brides. The most attractive advantage of silk flowers is the obvious one - they last forever. And, for an occasion as special as a wedding, many sentimental brides insist on having at least their bouquet done in silk so they'll have it as a keepsake, or can pass it on to their daughters.

Mixing fresh flowers with silk is an alternative, but a rapidly - growing number of brides prefer doing their entire wedding in silk. Professionals make beautiful silk flowers that are very life-like, and can even spray them with the scent of the real thing. Because they aren't limited by colors or varieties, the bride and her florist can get very creative while still matching the color scheme of the wedding.

The flexibility of silk also lends to time restraints. Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers don't have to be ordered. Wedding floral designs can be completed at the last minute, if necessary, or ideally, finished weeks in advance. The bride can see her flowers ahead of time and make any desired changes. Many florists have ready - made samples so the bride can actually "try her bouquet on for size." And because silk flowers never wilt, they'll still look fresh for picture - taking and the "throwing of the bouquet."

Most florists offer some silk flowers, but if you're considering using silk for your wedding, you should consult a silk flower specialist. Prices should be comparable to fresh flowers. Your wedding memories can be preserved forever with beautiful silk flowers.