"How fair is thy love my spouse! And the smells of thy ointments and herbs of thy garments are sweeter than the smell of Lebanon." from the Song of Solomon) Fragrance, that essence of luxury and pleasure, is a very important consideration on your wedding day.

Your choice of fragrance in a perfume is limited only by your own personal taste. Whether it is musk, spice, floral, woodsy, or a combination, every bride wants her own personality to be reflected in her choice of scent. But you also need to consider the type of ceremony, the kinds of flowers you will have and the time of year. For example, if you're carrying gardenias, a similar fragrance could be overwhelming to you and to others. Don't be afraid to consult a perfume expert. They will be able to tell you which perfumes will coordinate best with the flowers you have chosen.

It is not necessary for you and your attendants to wear the same fragrance. You should, however, consult with them to avoid a possible clash. Sometimes a bride will want to select a new, different or popular fragrance for her wedding day, but don't wait until the last minute. Purchase your fragrance well in advance, and try it a few times to see how it "wears" on you.

Excitement, stress, change of routine, and diet all affect the character of perfume and how it reacts to your body chemistry. Even your old favorite could go sour or just disappear under stress. One way to know what perfume will or will not work for you is to have a pH test that measures body chemistry. This is a relatively inexpensive test offered by certain perfumeries, quite often included in a purchase. This way the bride, attendants and even the groom can choose compatible fragrances.

Your perfect fragrance signature can create that aura of loveliness that every bride desires and every groom envisions.