Looking Good

Knowing you look great on your wedding day is a simple with the help of a professional. Every bride seeks professional assistance when choosing her dress, flowers, co-coordinating colors, and hairstyles, therefore why not seek professional advice concerning your nails and makeup. A qualified aesthetician or cosmetician will gladly assist you in choosing nail polish and make-up to enhance your special day.

Make-up must remain natural, but still be effective in pictures. You want to avoid looking "made up", or "painted." It is essential to enhance, not hinder, your natural beauty.

A calming, relaxing facial is the best possible way to forget the chaos and frustration before the wedding. You will not regret the time spent in a salon getting a facial, a week or so before the wedding. Another bonus is the beautiful way make-up goes on to properly cleansed skin.

Nails properly manicured add a lovely "finished" look. If growing strong, beautiful nails is not your forte, nail extensions, or nail tips may be professionally applied to look very natural.

Once your wedding day is past, these tips will aid in the growing of your own nails. Nail polish is another important consideration. You never want a bold or loud color; choose a soft color instead to compliment your color scheme and personality.

Professionally manicured nails look much neater, not to mention the fact that a relaxing hand massage is usually included.