Limousine Service

Limousine: a French word signifying a large luxurious sedan, often chauffeur driven, always an expression of class and style and less expensive than you might think.

Rather than settle for the trusty family car driven by your father or a friend - how about a more elegant beginning to your most important day? Hire a limousine to transport you, your family or wedding party to the scene of the festivities. This will leave your own car free for any last minute errands and save traffic hassles, ensuring that you and your gown arrive unruffled.

A limousine service allows the bride and groom to add another touch to the wedding day. That "touch" could run all the way from a simple elegant entry and departure to a grand "arriving in style" procession at an outdoor ceremony or reception.

For those who wish a touch of elegance from the past, consider a horse drawn carriage along with your limousine needs.

There are also many other types of specialty vehicles to chose from such as "period" cars from the 50's, 60's or 20's and there are older Rolls Royce cars available today. Have fun, but chose the vehicle(s) to suit your type of wedding.

After the ceremony, the limousine can easily and safely transport the wedding party and guests to the reception.

Limousines are also helpful for out-of-town or elderly guest transportation to the ceremony and reception.

Talk with a limousine specialist about the type of service you will need. They may have special fleet rates available. Your reservations should be at least four to six months in advance or earlier if you've chosen a prime time, May - June and September - October dates.