Festive Hall Decorations

Consider adding a creative and unique touch to your wedding with balloons. You'll find the cost reasonable and the effect festive.

In the past the bride and her family spent hours taping paper streamers, bells and homemade signs around the reception hall. Let's face it planning the wedding is complicated enough without the busy bride and her family having to worry about decorating the reception facility. Many brides are instead hiring professional and experienced decorators to create the ambience for the reception.

Balloons are an exciting new trend and departure from traditional wedding decorations. They are no longer just for a child's birthday party. Balloons are being recognized for their beauty and elegance, and are being used with increased frequency in decorating halls, churches, bridal cars and bouquets.

Properly used, balloons can add glamour and sophistication to your special day. You may choose from a variety of colors to complement many of today's wedding fashions. Incorporating accents of white, silver, gold and diamond make balloons more adaptable to weddings. Delicate balloon arches, creative centerpieces and other arrangements are increasing in popularity with brides. The tradition of throwing rice at the couple as they emerge from the church is frequently being replaced by helium balloon releases. As the popularity of balloon decorating Increases, it is becoming more imaginative and creative. A professional decorator will eliminate last minute concerns and free the bride, groom and their families to enjoy a carefree reception.