Family Group Portraits

This is one of the few articles in this book specifically directed to the parents of the bride and groom. Once the wedding plans are completed and you're only days away from the big event, the entire family will begin to gather from near and far to join in the celebration, one of the happiest "must-be-there" occasions experienced by your immediate family.

As busy as we know you've been, we strongly suggest you set aside one short hour with your family to create a cherished memory... the family portrait you've talked about for years. Weddings are one of the few celebrations we know of that gathers families together from all over the country and in some instances world wide. There won't be an easier or more convenient time to have a professional photographer take your family group portrait.

Your wedding photographer, in most instances, will be totally occupied with shooting the many aspects of the wedding ceremony and activities. As cherished and beautiful as these photos may be, we feel the formal wedding attire simply doesn't lend itself to the concept of an heirloom family portrait.

Arrangements can be made with a professional photographer to meet you and your children in a special location, your family home or his studio. Many photographers offer unique studio settings which lend themselves to either a formal - dressed in your Sunday best - portrait, or the extremely popular casual group portrait.

There are special treatments that can be applied to your portrait. One of our favorites is the beautiful brush stroke finish which creates the look of a fem. painting. You may not have an opportunity to take this treasured photo again... so, plan a special family time, a day or so ahead of the wedding to create your unique "Family Heirloom" portrait.