Exotic Weddings

Some couples choose to make their weddings even more special by saying their vows in exotic, far-away places. They invite a few guests to join them for the ceremony, then return home for a reception to celebrate with those who weren't lucky enough to come along.

Imagine getting married with a red and orange sunset at your back, the waves at your side, as you stand barefoot on a white sandy hawaiian beach with your wedding gown blowing in a warm tropical breeze. Or, perhaps exchanging rings with your love in an imposing gothic cathedral with the light shining through majestic stained glass windows in Italy. If you're into excitement, how about a wedding ceremony while riding the Orient Express, the posh european train that offers its guests supreme service and a constantly changing view of the european countryside to provide an unforgettable wedding day.

A far-away, fantasy wedding may take a little extra work, but the rewards are immeasurable and you won't be alone in your planning. Some Puget Sound area companies are skilled at coordinating exotic weddings. Pick the destination and they will help you find flowers, a minister, a limousine, and photographers to record your one-of-a-kind wedding and share your first days together with all your friends. They can also arrange for a discreet photographer during your honeymoon to preserve forever those special days on film.

For those looking for a non-traditional wedding, there are unlimited ways to say "I do." Let your imagination and a skilled travel agency be your guide.