Disc Jockeys

The music and entertainment you choose for your wedding day is a reflection of your special feelings of happiness. A professional disc jockey who specializes in wedding receptions, can create the atmosphere that will express your tastes, with the right blend of music and entertainment.

Disc-Jockeys have developed dramatically over the past few years, with many radio personalities providing entertainment for wedding receptions. Also many D.J services or agencies specialize in planning and coordinating the various special events required for a formal reception, while some D.J services provide just the recorded music portion after the performance of a band or soloist.

Whatever your choice, contact a number of reputable professionals with several years experience, at least twelve months prior to your wedding. Attend a performance (videotaped or live) and setup a one-on one meeting with the actual D.J. who will perform at your reception. Discuss your musical requests, the type and quality of equipment used (compact disc players should be standard for a state-of-the-art D.J.) and find out if the D.J.'s routine is "preset" or flexible enough for your tastes. The D.J.'s wedding attire, personality and communication skills should also be noted. Although the cost of the D.J. may not reflect the quality of service, you should compare prices, noting hourly rate or flat fee. Finalize arrangements with your chosen D.J. with a contract, which should be completed at least nine months in advance. Follow up with a telephone call to confirm the reception date, set-up time and location, one moth prior to wedding.