Crystal Clear Ideas

Have you ever asked yourself: "What gift should I give someone who has every thing?" Well the answer is here at last. . . Crystal, Yes, Crystal. Sparkling crystal or glassware is a great idea that will please your family and friends. It is the perfect gift. Crystal has variety, style, charm, romance, elegance, beauty, function and it's enjoyable to use over and over. You never get tired of it, it never goes out of style, and, it's a sure fire conversational piece. There are interesting crystal gifts for everyone, young and old alike.

Crystal gifts can be very personal. You can get involved and add your own personal touch. You may ask: "How do I do that?" Simple... Engraving. You add your special thoughts for that special person in your life. Through engraving you have the chance to tell them how you feel. Be creative and let your emotions flow. A short poem, a simple line, a reminder of a special date, or a certain place, a nickname, or a familiar phrase... let your imagination be your guide. Your heartfelt sentiments will be memorable and cherished for a lifetime. Now how much more personal can you get? That extra special effort to personalize your thought will be paid back to you many times over. Of course if you run out of ideas for engraving, your knowledgeable crystal engraver could spark wonderful suggestions.

Professional engravers have exceptional artistic talents They can offer you attractive type styles as well as interesting designs, beautiful flowers, bells, hearts, doves, and even picturesque scenes. Of all the occasions, crystal can be used as gifts, weddings are the most popular. Here are some gift ideas from which you can choose for the bride and groom: Champagne glasses for the toasting duo; cake knife and server for luscious desserts; a wedding picture frame to hold that cherished memory; a candy dish to please the sweet tooth in both of them; salad bowl for each and every dinner they share; a vase for the flowers he will continually bring her.. and she him. A carafe for the wine as sweet as kisses; a decanter for the more elegant entertaining occasions; a wine set to be used for fine family and friends; a whiskey set for something different than wine; margarita set for those imaginary trips south of the border; martini set for more variety; crystal plates for those very special romantic occasions; or glasses to drink whatever.

For the wedding attendants, some suggestions are: perfume bottles for the many pleasant scents in life: jewelry boxes for special adornments; paper weights for the business minded; letter openers especially for popular people; personalized beer mugs are old favorites. Many of the gifts mentioned for the bride and groom could also be good for the attendants. Remember all of these can be personally engraved.

So, now I think you will agree that gift giving for the person who has everything should not be a hassle. It's simple, easy and fun, especially with your personal touch. The solution to the problem is . . . Crystal Clear!