Contemporary Lifestyle

Today's couples are busy with careers and leisure time activities, and they will probably relocate several times. There is little time to spend on setting up a traditional household. But there is an alternative.

Household accessories that are versatile and flexible save time and space. Stylish dinnerware in basic colors can be used in both casual and formal settings. Woven placemats that retain their good looks with minimum care add flair, not work. Decorative baskets that can be used for display and storage. also hold breads, fruits, and chips, or they can be taken along on picnics. A large glass bowl serves punch at Christmas and salad in the Summer.

Working couples who share meal preparation, entertaining, and housekeeping responsibilities appreciate kitchen utensils that get the job done efficiently and quickly. Quality stainless steel whips, spoons, turners, and ladles do the job and cleanup easily in the dishwasher. Polyurethane cutting boards are sanitary, don't dull knives, and also cleanup on the dishwasher. The new state of the art cookie sheets are a breeze to clean and won't burn cookies. A fantastic self cleaning garlic press, that requires no peeling, gets your Italian dishes off to a good start. The inventive baking stones reduce oven time and give a crispy crust to breads and pizza.

Elegant but simple meals are possible with fine foods available at gourmet shops.

Toss a special dressing on your fresh salad. Choose a prepared pate, some pasta and a delicious sauce, or perhaps opt for smoked salmon cheese spread and bagels. To finish your meal top it off with a decadent chocolate cake.

With a little thought, planning, and proper utensils your life after work can be both gracious and rewarding.