Canopies and Tents

If you're planning an outdoor wedding reception, the sky's the limit, but can also be limiting if nature decides to present you with a wedding shower! You can guard against dampened spirits (or equally important, a searing summer sun) with a pretty and practical canopy or tent.

A canopy will add a festive touch to your celebration and provide a focal point. And it opens up a wonderful "extra space" for entertaining your guests. Wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners. wedding showers, attendant's parties and gift opening parties are perfect times for creating an outdoor party setting.
To find a canopy, check the directory listing in this wedding planner. A rental agent who rents them will be able to answer all your questions about cost, delivery and set-up. They will also help you evaluate the size you need based on the number of guests and whether or not you plan buffet dining and dancing. A wooden dance floor can be added, or you might choose artificial turf, either will provide a clean, dry surface and protect your lawn. A clear, roll-down rain shield or solid screen to block the sun and provide privacy are options to consider.

Furnish your "outdoor reception room" with chairs and tables from your rental agency. They can also provide linens, a portable bar, punch bowl, a beautiful buffet service and a champagne fountain even a fog machine for a dramatic effect. Decorate with twinkle lights or lanterns, balloons, flowers, streamers or even caged birds. Mark tent stakes with fluorescent tape so guests won't trip on them in the dark. So, for fun under the sun and moon, don't be afraid to plan a party in the great outdoors during your special wedding days - a canopy or tent is the answer!