Bridal Registries

Selecting a bridal registry early in the wedding planning cycle can easily be one of your most enjoyable and exciting planning functions. Bridal registries are a free service available at many of your city's finer department and specialty stores. It affords you the opportunity of pre-planning your new home furnishings and guarantees that you'll be receiving truly welcomed gifts from your friends and relatives. You should select your bridal registry as soon after you become engaged as possible. It will function as a helpful guide for selecting gifts for your engagement parties, showers and, of course, the wedding. The proper etiquette for informing your guests about your selected bridal registry is to request your bridesmaids, mothers and relatives to spread the word. It is also proper to include the phrase 'Registered at,' on your shower invitations. It is not proper etiquette to include bridal registry information on your wedding invitations.

Your bridal registry consultant is more than a sales person. She can help you with coordinating all of the elements that go into furnishing and accessorizing your first home. Selecting the items to furnish your new home should be a joint effort between you and your fiancé. Your guests may then be confident that their gift will be welcomed and wanted. Most importantly, you are allowing your guests to help you and your groom build the sets of china, sterling and crystal that will be with you throughout your lifetime. Today's registries offer you choices from practically every department of the store - china, crystal, housewares, bath accessories, small appliances, furniture bar accessories, luggage and perhaps even tools. Let your needs and wants guide your choices.

Many stores now have computerized registries which make it even easier to prevent duplication and to inform your guests, especially those shopping in branch stores, of your preferences.

With your groom, consider these categories. Note the quantities, sizes and colors or patterns of items you'll need for your new home.