Boudoir Photographs

What better gift for your beloved than a sensuous portrait of you looking your romantic best? What better gift to yourself than the chance to capture your perfect look professionally on film?

Boudoir, also called "glamour" photography is a recent innovation. A boudoir portrait could include anything from a revealing candid shot you share only with your special man, to a playful, romantic picture in feminine lingerie, or perhaps a rugged, seductive look in your blue jeans and his favorite shirt. No matter what your costume, or what setting you choose, your photographer's goal should be to capture your expressions and feelings on film. Because of the intimate nature of boudoir photography, select a photographer who makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Many photographers work with an assistant or encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you so you will feel your most comfortable.

Before you get stared, ask exactly what your session will include. Find out how much time the photographer will spend with you. What special services the sitting includes, and what your costs will be. Most sittings include professional hair and make-up sessions, and a number of clothing changes. Your photographer will often make lingerie or other costumes available for you to wear, as well as special props or backgrounds you might like to use.

Some photographers will even photograph you at a location of your choice. Your finished boudoir portrait can be turned into a gift in many ways. The most popular is the wall canvass. Add a special touch by having it hung in your honeymoon suite for your wedding night. A personal calendar with a different pose for each month is another fun way to give your groom a special wedding gift. Ask your photographer for other unique gift ideas, or come up with your own.