Beauty Tips

The radiant glow on your face is going to come naturally, so you'll only want to enhance it with your make-up. These application tips will help you look your best for your wedding day:

Moisturizer and make-up base should be applied with a cotton swab, which helps control the amount of make-up used. This is less wasteful and much neater.

Use a sponge to blend your base make-up to assure an even application. This will also prevent the transmission of bacteria from your hands and any redness caused by rubbing too hard with your fingers.
Powder over your foundation to prevent that shiny, greasy look. This will also set a good base for applying the rest of your make-up.

Roll a cotton swab in loose powder and apply under lower lashes to make your eyeliner last longer and to prevent smudging. Dramatize your eyes and make the white of your eye brighter by lining the outer third of the lower inside lid with a deep blue eye pencil.

Accent your eyebrows lightly with an eyebrow pencil, or use an old, almost dry mascara wand. Hairspray will also help to thicken the eyebrows and keep them in place.

The eyebrows are extremely important as they frame the face. When using colors, dab your brushes in the color much as an artist dabs in paint. Never rub or dig your brush in color.

Make sure you are using the correct brush for placement of color. Each brush is designed to fit a certain area of your face. Quality, sable brushes will filter out color so it will go on lightly and evenly. You don't want a dark, linear effect. With weekly washings in shampoo followed by a thorough rinsing, sable brushes will last for years.

Most importantly, make sure you practice your make-up application with the colors you've chosen to wear ahead of time, or schedule a makeover appointment at least one week before your wedding. Knowing you'll look perfect will make you relaxed and confident on your wedding day!