Everyone's spirits soar at the sight of colorful balloons. There are few things more classic, and at the same time more modern, than the festive nature of balloons. With products and techniques developed over the last ten years, a new age of balloons has arrived. Today's balloons are of superior quality and color. New decorating schemes and ideas are endless. A professional decorator, trained in today's precision techniques, can use balloons to create a truly elegant and exciting atmosphere.
Balloon decorations can be more affordable and versatile than any alternative. Balloons can be a better value than flowers as table decorations. Unlike traditional rental items, balloon floor bouquets and balloon arches are inexpensive and disposable. Balloon colors can be coordinated with wedding color schemes. A balloon sculpture can be a dramatic backdrop for wedding photographs. Helium-filled balloons make towering arches and multiple-balloon releases possible.

It is important to know some basic balloon facts. There are two types of balloons, Latex and Mylar. Latex balloons are the traditional rubber type, ranging in size from 5" to 4O" in diameter. Mylar balloons are made out of a strong foil-like material and are available in a variety of shapes and designs. Balloons can be filled with air or helium. Helium is a non-flammable gas that is "lighter" than air. A 9" or larger latex balloon, or an 18" or larger mylar balloon, filled with helium will float up, or remain suspended in the air when tethered by a string or ribbon. The length of time a balloon will stay inflated or aloft is determined by the balloon size, the balloon material, and weather conditions.

For decorating purposes, expect helium-filled balloons to last one day, and air-filled balloons to last one week. Many couples believe anyone can rent a helium tank and blow up balloons. Do-it-yourself balloon decorations are possible, but they usually must be done the day of the wedding and neither the bridal party, family, nor friends will want to be working that day. It could also result in a less than satisfactory job. Imagine having an uncle taking the wedding pictures with his instamatic camera or a friend of a friend promising to bring in his portable cassette player to act as a Disc Jockey. As with wedding pictures, music, cake and flowers, it is important to have a professional taking care of balloon decorations to be sure that this special, memory-making part of your wedding comes out just right!