Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

The get together known as the "bachelor party" or "stag party," has recently been joined by a female counterpart known as the "bachelorette party." Like the bachelor party, the bachelorette party has become a celebration of the last night of "being single" and usually includes the immediate wedding party and very close friends of the bride or groom. The Best Man or Maid of Honor is usually in charge of coordinating the event.

Be creative when planning your party. Many local businesses have suggestions that guarantee a night to remember. A room in a restaurant, a hotel or spa suite are popular party locations because they allow you to fully enjoy yourselves without disturbing other guests. Create a theme or mood using lighting and props.

Bar hopping or nightclubs with comedy or live entertainment are other popular choices. While you're out enjoying the evening, avoid any problems with drinking and driving by treating yourself to a night out in a limousine. For a party at home, video movie rentals, comedy grams, belly dancers, male or female dancers, or a simple "roast" can provide fun and memorable entertainment. The bachelor or bachelorette party sometimes takes the form of a shower, with the bride or groom receiving small gifts. Lingerie, gag gifts, or things to use on the honeymoon are popular themes for this type of party.

The bachelor or bachelorette party should be a fun and memorable evening for the bride or groom and their friends. Be sure the party is tailored to suit the style, and personality of the guest of honor. Also be sure to preserve the evening in pictures and or video. These party pictures will create an album of laughs that will last long after the party's over!